SIP BenefitsWhat is A SIP ?

When you Start A SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, it means investing a small amount of money regularly in Equity Mutual Funds.

Every month, you get units in mutual funds and as the number of units in your account grows, so does the price – And eventually the value of your money grows.

You can expect returns ranging from 12.5 to 15% p.a.

Start A SIP today if you haven’t done so already.

How to Start A SIP ?


If you are a first time investor or don’t know much about mutual funds, or know about mutual funds but want to invest in a planned manner, signup for our Guided Service + Online Investment Account.

The Guided Service provides
1.) All information about mutual funds / SIPs
2.) How to start your SIPs / Investments online
3.) How much to invest and top performing mutual funds suitable for your requirements
4.) Ongoing support via Phone, Email and WhatsApp.

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