Welcome to StartaSIP.com – We will help you invest in mutual funds online. Here is how the process works and some FAQs:

  • Enter your details below
  • We will check your PAN and if it’s not KYC verified, get it done
  • If you need fund recommendations, we will be happy to provide them
  • Get your investments / SIPs started in the mutual funds you want to invest in
  • All of this done online without any physical paperwork.

Cost: There are NO charges payable by you for this free service.

WHERE Will My Money Go: No money will be transferred to us. The money will get transferred directly from your bank account to the mutual funds you are investing in.

WHEN Will My Money Go: Your money will not be invested now. It will only be invested after we initiate a transaction and YOU confirm it 

Proof of Investments: After your transactions have completed, you will receive both an SMS and Email confirmation that your money has been invested. You can also get a paper statement at your address if you prefer.

Ongoing Support: We are available via phone, whatsapp and email to answer any queries or provide any support that you may need.

Made your Tax Saving Investments ?

You can still make tax saving investments till 31st of March and save upto Rs 45,000.