Start A SIP in mutual funds investing regularly every month or as a one time lump sum, via a free online investment account.

How to Invest In Mutual Funds Online ?

There are a couple of steps involved in investing in Mutual Funds Online. They include:

  1. Getting KYC Verified ( This is a govt requirement as part of Know your Customer norms )
  2. Deciding how much to invest ( Not all your savings should be invested in mutual funds )
  3. Deciding how long to invest for ( While the minimum SIP term is 6 months, the longer you invest for, the more your money grows )
  4. Selecting which mutual funds to invest in ( There are 38+ mutual funds in India )

How Does Our Guided Service Help You ?

If you are a first time investor or want to invest money in a planned manner, our Guided Service provides

  1. All information about mutual funds / SIPs and how they work
  2. Getting your KYC done and online investment account activated
  3. Planning to help you decide how much to invest and for how long. This helps you meet financial goals and targets like buying a house, child’s future, your retirement, etc or any other goals you may have
  4. Recommending the best funds suitable for your requirements
  5. Starting your investments online.

Apart from this, you also get ongoing support / answers to any questions you may have via phone, email or WhatsApp

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