We provide a guidance and advisory service to help you start your SIPs / make lumpsum investments in Mutual Funds Online.

We have two service plans:

1.) FREE Plan

What’s included in our Free plan ?

  • An Online Investment Account Creation for Investing in Mutual Funds / SIPs.
  • Start your SIPs in ANY of the mutual funds available in India.
  • Monitor your Portfolio and Transact online via the website or an App.
  • Suitable for Do-It-Yourself Investors who know which funds they want to invest in.

2.) PAID Plan

What’s included in our Paid Plan ?

  • We first understand your Requirements
  • Suggest the Best Investment Options suitable for your Needs
  • An Online Investment Account to start and monitor your investments
  • Educate you about various aspects of Investing so no one can cheat you
  • Answer any and all questions you may have.

Cost: A ONE TIME Service Fee of Rs 1000 is applicable for the Paid Plan.

If you are a First Time Investor who want to invest in Mutual Funds but doesn’t know how or where to start, or if you want to Create Wealth by investing in a planned manner or if you want to Achieve Specific Goals like saving for Children’s Future, Achieving Financial Freedom, Saving for Retirement, Buying a House, etc we recommend you signup for the Paid Plan.

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If you prefer to speak to us before signing up , call / whatsapp us on +91 96500 65242 or email info@startasip.com.